Applying For a Loan

is as easy as 1-2-3

Apply for fast small loans of up to R3000 in 3 quick and easy steps.

to apply online click on the tab below


Decide on the Loan Amount

Use the sliders to select an amount you want to borrow and the repayment date

Complete an Online Form

In your application form, you will need to supply information.


If the loan is approved, we will then immediately process the payment into your bank account.

Virtue Finance

Many of us have been in situations when we wished our bank balance could stretch that much to get to the end of the month or in a situation when you had to pay for an important item, but your budget does not allow. It is in these instances and more, when one  wishes they had a reliable profesional partner in financial services. At Virtue finance we are driven and committed to professionally attend to our clients’ short term small loan needs.

  • Simple solutions
  • Easy application process
  • ‘No hidden agenda’
  • Quick assessment/evaluation and approval processes
  • Sameday payment